Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Barn Report - Sunday September 19

CVF Partner Vinny DiSpigno with Metrology and Bruce Brown

With Steve still out at Keeneland, Joe had all the fun at Bruce Brown’s Belmont barn this weekend, accompanied by partners Esta, Stu, John, Vinny, Paddy and Ellen. Here’s his report:

Bishop of Nola has been given the nickname of "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde". Bruce said the Bishop acts like the perfect horse and then suddenly something will just set him off. Bruce attributes it to nerves and nothing physical. The Bishop lost a shoe during the night, and it’s tough to find a blacksmith on Sunday, so Bruce had him jogging around the shed row for 20 minutes. When the Bishop returned to his stall, he eagerly ate carrots fed to him by partners,. Bruce and Steve will be looking at October turf races for Bishop of Nola. Iguazu was also jogged around the shed row this morning. Bruce is being cautious with him, but at the same time wants to keep him moving forward. Partners and I all noticed how muscular Iguazu has become, and a comment was made that Iguazu looks like a Pletcher horse. Time will tell, Bruce said it has only been a week so we will see how Iguazu progresses.

Metrology is doing very well and seemed to enjoy the attention given to him. Bruce brought Metrology to graze in the grass outside his barn, and, after a little bit of hesitation, a group of us were able to feed him carrots. Everybody was surprised at that, because the word when he’d first arrived in the barn was that he was pretty mean. He’s nicer now, but (this is meant for Ellen and others who like to hug our horses), Metrology is still not the huggable type. Bruce said Metrology likes to be left alone at times (every one of us immediately could relate to that feeling). Bruce is pretty confident that Metrology will be racing in October. Steve and Bruce will soon start discussing next race possibilities.

Talking Blues had a very nice breeze yesterday morning. Bruce Brown with stopwatch in hand, along with the partners, watched Talking Blues breeze in company (he won by a long neck). After the breeze, Bruce said, Talking Blues is ready to go. Bruce entered Talking Blues in dirt races for this Thursday and Friday, but neither race was used, so Bruce will try again for a turf race on Saturday, 9/25. Entries for that race are due this Wednesday. As soon as we have confirmation we will do another posting. We are looking forward to seeing everyone again at Belmont Park.

If you’d like to join in our weekend barn visits, just get in touch with Joe. Email is CVFSales@gmail.com and the toll-free phone is (888) 989-RACE (7223).

Meanwhile, you can catch up with what Steve’s been doing at Keeneland by clicking on:

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